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photo courtesy of maria del rio
photo courtesy of maria del rio

what is it?

less is more when it comes to a closet.  wearing clothes that make you look and feel good never go out of style.  

as a busy woman, an unorganized, stuffed closet will overwhelm you the minute you open the doors, leading you to play it safe, get into a routine by grabbing the same “uniform” instead of putting together inspired looks that are more representative of your personal style.

you’ll be surprised how much baggage is stored in your closet. getting rid of items is hard, especially if you're thinking about your emotional or financial attachment. how many times have you pulled out something to wear and said “as soon as i lose 5 pounds...” or “i just need to tailor this to be a little bit shorter or fit me better in the arms...”?  and you feel like you can’t get rid of things that cost you too much in the first place.

photo courtesy of molly decoudreaux

why do we hold on to items from that past that aren’t serving us anymore?

by clearing out the pieces that are taking up space in your closet but that are not representative of the style you want to project, a freedom and excitement starts to happen while you're getting dressed.  for example, when i got rid of most of the items i wasn't wearing, i could finally see everything in my closet and started to love what i owned through a different lens, inspiring me to have fun with my clothes instead of feeling overwhelmed or weighed down by what wasn't working.

now, we’re in a time of online shopping where you order something and have no one to tell you if it looks good or not. how many times have you bought something online that you’ve never actually worn?

i’d like to bring the original mira mira shopgirl (hey, that’s me!) into your home and help you.

i've spent the past 8 years helping women feel beautiful.  what i hear (and see!) over and over is stylish women who wear a fraction of the items in their closet on repeat and they don't even love them.  

together, i will help you effortlessly achieve your style goals and have fun while we're at it.

sound like something you're interested in?  check out all our personal styling and shopping services or sign up here.

photos courtesy of anna alexia basile

client props...

“working with mira had the same impact on my life and confidence as 18 months of therapy.  i've really enjoyed shopping and dressing and feel confident in a way i never have before so thank you! - katie wattie, communications at Google

"[mira mira] meant so much to me and her input really helped me have moments and move in circles i really would not have felt comfortable doing had i not been at ease and confident in my clothing. and i love the idea of people who can afford style advice choosing a "less is more," approach and i imagine there are many (myself included) who save money once shopping mistakes are avoided. it's a drain financially and energetically... the experience of working with mira (the edit) and understanding why things work or don't work in an outfit (with clothes form my own closet) was incredibly valuable. i learned a lot and it was fun!" - holly warren

“i’ve been shopping at mira mira since the very first day the shop opened. i knew she would always find special pieces for me. i swear half the items in my closet, i bought from her. mira just gets it. when she told me she was launching a personal styling business, i knew i had to do it. i was in a style rut. i had a pretty clear idea of the style i wanted to achieve but somehow couldn’t make it happen, wearing the same few outfits over and over. she came over and we tried on everything, talked through each piece and, with her help, i was able to get rid of 30% of my closet. we were in the thick of it together and I felt open, vulnerable and very supported by mira. she helped me with organization and flow and identified key areas where I was struggling including a HUGE hole in my wardrobe - shoes! as someone who doesn’t love to shop, i loved that she created a custom shopping list and helped me put together outfits based on what i already have that matched my style goals. after our first session i already felt more empowered around my style, making a point to really consider the outfits that i was putting together. she helped me tap into a whole new confidence. it was such a game changer i cannot recommend it enough. what a treat to have someone with such a good eye come and give you hands on help for such a steal. now when i open my closet, the opportunities feel endless.” - joanna riedl, public relations, creative writing and marketing

"mira works with clients to identify the goal for their closets and style and does a number of consultations before doing the purge and then helps with creating looks they can recreate. it's pretty amazing! ... i feel like my life is forever changed.  angela tafoya, managing editor, lonny magazine

"mira is an incredibly calming and supportive personal stylist. i came in to see her as i was emerging from a few years of post-baby don't-care attitude about what i was wearing. i was excited to get back to a do-care, feel-good-about-my-wardrobe place, and mira was committed to helping me get there. she listened to me and looked at me with love and support, and i believe she put herself in my shoes to understand me. she truly heard what i wanted and without attachment, she pulled pieces for me to try on. she took my yes's and no's as information to help her learn more about what i wanted. she gave me honest feedback about what i tried, and i didn't feel pushed or pressured, simply supported in my desire to find things i loved. over the years, whenever i'm looking for something unique, special, and high quality, i come to mira and she takes the time to help me find it.  i highly recommend mira for her on-point style knowledge, compassion, and dedication to finding what you're looking for." - nina kaufman, you design you

"i love when mira styles me.  it's like she intuitively knows more about what looks good on me than i do.  and i work in fashion and retail! she pushes me to try new fun silhouettes and styles.  and i always feel great in my clothes and get lots of compliments and it is because of her!" - debbie mink, performance artist / mom

photos courtesy of maria del rio