introducing... THE EDIT!

THE EDIT - $500

define your style
it all starts with pinterest, a physical representation of how you aspire to look. pin looks you love or any style that speaks to you. what is your end goal? creating an actual board makes it feel real and helps to bring your style to life

1st session: the edit (2-3 hours)
  • review your style board on pinterest to get laser focused on what your goals are and what you’re trying to achieve with your look
  • go through everything in your closet, trying many items on, especially those are questions marks in your wardrobe
  • it is important for us to “get in there” to really talk about why you wear and don’t wear what’s in your closet. i will discover the holes and start noting what specific (often staple) items need to come into play to round out your wardrobe
  • edit out everything that doesn’t align with your style goals and i’ll help you decide what to do with it, what we're cutting out (i.e. donate, sell or store)
  • after our first session, a personalized shopping list will arrive in your inbox based on what was discovered during your edit
2nd session: personal styling (2-3 hours)
  • dive into the newly edited closet and begin making outfits with what you currently have based on what your style goals are
  • want a visual reminder? we can take polaroids of some of your favorite new looks
  • need help making looks with what you already have?  we can do that, too
  • organize closet for optimal flow and visibility
  • discuss the shopping list and fine tune it to make sure nothing is missing
  • after our last session, your final shopping list will arrive in your inbox with any additional items worth looking at 

    SHOPPING W MIRA IRL ($150/hr, two hour min.)

    • a personal styling shopping spree with mira
    • tour of the best shops in sf
    • have a special occasion you need help dressing for?  we’ll find that perfect look

    TREND TALK AND SEASONAL WARDROBE UPDATE ($100/hr, two hour min.)

    • would you love a seasonal refresh?  let’s talk about the top new trends and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe
    • get to know the buzzy new indie brands that you need in your life right now
    • customized shopping list to keep your closet current