introducing... THE EDIT!

what is it?

i’ve spent the last 8 years helping women feel beautiful when they step into the store but what i keep hearing (...and seeing!) is stylish women who wear the same few items in their closet over and over.

 i believe that less is more when it comes to a closet and what looks good (and makes you feel good) will always be in style. 

for today’s busy women, an unorganized, stuffed closet will overwhelm you the minute you open the doors, leading you to play it safe, get into a routine by grabbing the same “uniform” instead of putting together inspired looks that are more representative of your personal style.

you’ll be surprised how much baggage is stored in your closet. getting rid of items is hard, especially if there is an emotional or financial attachment. how many times have you pulled out something to wear and said “if only i lose 10 pounds...” or “if this was just a little bit shorter or fit me better in the arms...”  or you can’t get rid of things you spent a lot of money on because you feel guilty.  

why do we hold on to items from that past that aren’t serving us anymore?

when you clear out the pieces that are taking up space but are not representative of the style you want to project, a freedom and excitement enters into getting dressed. when i got rid of 50% of my wardrobe, i could finally move around in my closet and started seeing what i owned through a different lens, inspiring me to have fun with my clothes instead of feeling overwhelmed or weighed down by what wasn't working.

plus we’re in a time of online shopping where you order something and have no one to tell you if it looks good or not. how many items have you bought online that you’ve never actually worn. why?

i’d like to bring the original mira mira shopgirl (hey, that’s me!) into your home and help you. together, we will achieve your style goals.